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    We are a dental practice devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state of the art procedures that will result in a beautiful, long lasting smile. We specialize in implant, esthetic and reconstructive dentistry with a particular emphasis on treating the needs of aging patients.
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    Almost no one likes going to the dentist, but we promise to provide a professional and educational experience so you can feel confident about your dental health. You can rest assured that you have a highly skilled group of trained professionals devoted to your specific needs.

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Top Foods to Eat for Dental Health

Most of us know the drill and are aware of proper oral hygiene. We know to brush twice daily, floss our teeth, and rinse. We recognize the importance of visiting the dentist for thorough cleanings on a regular basis. Although begrudgingly, most of us understand that eating lots of sweets and sugary candy is not the best way to keep our teeth and gums healthy.
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Woman holding up a picture of a mouth

Is a Prosthodontic Treatment Right for You?

Everyone loves to laugh. We laugh at jokes, when we are enjoying the company of others, at special occasions, and even when we are all by ourselves observing our pet doing something totally outrageous. Laughing or smiling is the medicine for the soul. Yet there are many individuals who are self-conscious and try to avoid situations where they relax and naturally smile...
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Tooth with cavity

How Cavities are Formed

If you’ve ever had a cavity filled, you know that it can be a bit of an annoyance. Your mouth remains frozen for a few hours after your appointment, and the sounds of the drill can be a little off putting. It might surprise you, but at Dr. Beatrice Leung Dentistry, we want to ensure you are cavity free, just as much as you do! That said, there is really only one way to help protect your mouth from cavities, and that is healthy dental care practices.
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women pain in teeth

How to Avoid the Dreaded Cavity

Kids hate going to the dentist because they fear white lab coats and unfamiliar tools. As adults, many of us also hate going to the dentist because we fear the news the dentist will tell us. While ignorance may be bliss, knowing how to avoid the dreaded cavity will have you looking forward to your next dentist appointment so you can show off your progress!
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