When Do I Decide to Order A CT Scan?

I love the summer. It’s one of the seasons that I can enjoy the outdoors. It is also one of the seasons that many of my out of town friends tend to come back to Toronto for a visit and so many great get-togethers are happening this year. So I apologize for the lack of activity on my b
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Diagnostic Wax Up and Tooth Set Up: A Valuable Skill in Prosthetic Dentistry

Going through a prosthodontic residency program at the University of Pittsburgh, I was pretty lucky that I was exposed to a wide variety of prosthodontists, scientists and surgeons trained with different background and philosophies.  Also, fortunately, my program director, Dr. John (Y
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Woman holding up a picture of a mouth

Is a Prosthodontic Treatment Right for You?

Everyone loves to laugh. We laugh at jokes, when we are enjoying the company of others, at special occasions, and even when we are all by ourselves observing our pet doing something totally outrageous. Laughing or smiling is the medicine for the soul. Yet there are many individuals wh
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